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Multiple Choice Questions. Choose all  answers that apply.
1. When being weighed in a dog may:
Wear a weighted collar and leash.
Wear a flat buckle collar or no collar at all.
Wear a flat buckle collar and leash.
2. To enter and compete for points in the APA a handler must have what items?
A dog that is least nine months old.
A paid membership with the APA.
The dog’s registration papers.
A dog that is one year old.
A weight pull style harness.
3. Choose the reasons for a dog to be disqualified.
The handler calls the dog to them before crossing the finish line.
The dog touches the handler before the cart has reached the finish line.
The dog gets completely out of its harness.
The handler touches the dog after the cart has crossed the finish line.
4. How many times is a dog allowed to weigh in at a show?
Twice per day.
Once per day.
Twice per weekend.
Until the handler gets the weight they want.
5. A dog can be in what area between rounds while their class is pulling?
In site of the holding area.
The holding area only.
Anywhere, as long as they don’t miss their turn when called.
Anywhere, as long as the dog is contained in a safe manner.
6. The crowd is cheering, clapping and calling the dog’s name during the pull, what do you do?
Tell the crowd to be quiet.
Nothing, this is allowed.
Warn the handler and the crowd.
Disqualify the dog.
7. Which is the correct amount of points for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place?
1st-15pts, 2nd-10pts, 3rd-5pts
1st-10pts, 2nd-8pts, 3rd-2pts
1st-10pts, 2nd-7pts, 3rd-3pts
1st-7pts, 2nd-5pts, 3rd-3pts
8. A dog can be given which of these in the holding area?
Dry Food
9. The judge will only call a tangle if this happens?
The dog has one leg out of the harness
The dog twists around in the harness.
The dog has two legs out of the harness.
The dog could be injured in the equipment.
10. Who is allowed to weigh in the dogs at a show?
The Chief Judge.
Any APA sanctioned judge.
The show organizer.
11. What is the maximum incline allowed on a rail system?
12. A handler is allowed to pass a weight up to what point?
The handler must pass at the end of a completed round.
The handler will only pass when asked by the scorekeeper.
The handler must pass before the start of the next round.
The handler can call a pass up until the dog is hooked to the cart.
13. A dog is attempting a pull but the cart is moving very slowly and the 60 second time limit runs out. What do you do?
Call a "No Pull"
Allow the dog to continue until the pull is complete or the cart stops moving.
The pull is stopped and the dog is unhooked from the cart.
Count the pull, but the dog can not pull anymore that day.
14. What is maximum tire height for the cart?
15. If a dog is in the process of pulling and encounters an equipment failure the handler can do the following?
Pass the weight.
Stop the pull, make the repair, and attempt the pull again.
Complete the pull.
Load up and go home.
16. What items can the handler have on them when their dog is pulling?
Hot dogs
Tug toy
Dog food
17. When is a handler allowed to treat or reward his dog?
Immediately after the pull is completed.
After the class is over.
In the holding area during his class.
When the dog is eliminated from competition.
True or False
1. It's the Chief Judges responsibility to handle problems immediately that may arise during a show.
True False
2. A pregnant or lactating female is allowed to compete.
True False
3. It’s ok to have a leash on a novice dog as long as you don’t tug on the collar during the pull.
True False
4. Handlers can not call a tangle.
True False
5. If it’s hot out handlers can put their dogs in the car during their class.
True False
6. Dogs are allowed five minutes rest in between completed pulls.
True False
7. Big dogs can wear a choke chain or pinch collar for better control.
True False
8. The handler with the smallest dog in the class can choose what weight increment to add.
True False
9. If a dog has won his class he can continue to compete to win the next class.
True False
10. Dogs can compete at sanctioned pulls for points at of nine months old.
True False
11. Any dog showing illness or injury can pull if the handler has a good reason.
True False
Essay Questions
1. What would you do if the cart handlers mistakenly pushed the cart before the handler of the dog told them to?
2. How long does the organizer have to send in their completed results?
3. Between pulls a handler is taking their dogs out of the holding area. Is this ok? What action should the judge take if any?
4. It is brought to the judge’s attention in the middle of a class that a female is in heat. When should the judge take action? What action should the judge take?
5. A person at the show sees a handler treating a dog in a rough manner in between pulls and tells the judge. What action should the judge take if any?
6. Weigh in is over and you have started pulling dogs in the 20 and 30 pound class. A handler shows up late and wants to weigh in and pull a dog in the 30 and 70 pound class. What do you do?
7. Explain the benefits of using variable weight increments throughout the class.
8. How long would you allow a dog and handler to stay on the track if the handler doesn’t call the dog and the dog doesn’t attempt to pull the cart?
9. What will happen if the organizer turns in incorrect paperwork twice?
10. A handler has someone with them hook their dog up then walk next to the cart behind the dog. Is this allowed? Why or why not?
11. What would you do if a handler was not ready when it was their turn to pull?
12. In your own words tell what you would discuss at the handlers meeting.
13. What paper work does the organizer have to send in after the pull?
14. What would you do if a handler or spectator was being rude or disruptive?
15. Would you let someone “unofficially” weigh their dog before the actual weigh in started? Why or why not?