Spring Fling APA/ID pull - AM

Date: 4/21/2018
Location: Knoxville, MD
Surface / Format: Rails/Carpet /MWPP
Event Organizer: Jenna Starr
Chief Judge: Jenna Starr
Sponsor(s): Dahlgren Swissys
Prize(s): Ribbons 1st-3rd, Certificates for MWPP per division and MWP 70 & under and 71 & over
Weigh-ins: 3:00-4:00pm
Start Time: 4:00pm
Fees: One organization (APA or IronDog) is $20 per dog per pull and $50 for all 3 pulls. Both organizations (APA and IronDog) is $25 per dog per pull or $65 for all 3 pulls.
Directions: Contact Jenna at jennasstarr@hotmail.com or 443-878-3833
Other Information:
Address: 3611 S Mountain Rd, Knoxville, MD 21758
  Knoxville, MD 21758