Dog of the Year Ranking System


Class Ranking

Division Ranking

Over & Under 70 Ranking



A dog must have 10 individual days of regular class pulls BEFORE Championships to be eligible for DOY rank in class/division/over/under. If you have 9 shows and the Championships is your 10th you WILL NOT be counted for DOY.

A dog must compete at Championships to be eligible for any DOY awards.

 Each dog will receive 3 individual scores based on % for every pull it attends, Class, Division, Over/Under 70. Each dog will be award points on a 150pt scale if there are 2 or more dogs in the class, 5 or more in the division and 9 or more in the over/under 70.

1st place = 150 pts
 2nd place = 149 pts
3rd place =148 pts
4th place= 147 pts

 If there is only one dog in the class the dog receives 149 points, 4 or less dogs in the division the scale starts at 148 and 8 or less dogs in the over/under 70 the scale starts at 147. 

The total cumulative points will then be divided by the number of shows a dog attends to give it a points per show average.
The final season average will count for 70% of the total score, the championship score will count for 30%. The dog with the highest average score after championships will be awarded DOY in each of the three categories, class, division, over/under


If a dog attends 10 shows and 8 shows are in the 60lb class and 2 are in the 70lb class, in order to be ranked in the 60lb class you would have to attend 2 more days in the 60lb class, you would still be ranked in the Middle weight division and under 70 because all of those 10 shows are in the Middle weight division and under 70.

It is possible not to be ranked in a class or division but still be ranked over/under.
It is possible not to be ranked in any of the 3 categories. For example, if you have 5 shows in the 70lb class (middle weight division, 70 under) and 5 shows in the 80lb class (light heavy Division, 71 over) you would not be ranked in anything.

Please contact Dwayne or Laura Walker with any questions about your points.